Simplify your life

Use Grasshopper, a Node.js framework, to drastically speed up development for distributed systems. Support your clients better.

Delight your customers

Spend more time building your public facing applications and less time building backend systems, APIs and administrations.


Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are too rigid and cloud database services don't offer a friendly way for your clients to manage their apps. Building backend administrations is costly, time consuming, boring and usually a terrible user experience. Grasshopper exists to fill in these gaps, using Grasshopper you can spend less time doing these repetitive and costly tasks and more time focusing on your customer.


Developers get

Developer happiness
An easy to use SDK, a ready to go REST API, built in concepts like user management and permissions, an open system that is both flexible and extensible.
High performance stack
High performance application stack built on Node.js. Hooks and events into the system to completely customize the handling of data and unlocking it's potential.
Saving time
Standardizing your development flow and using consistent tools will help you save time and delight your users. Using Grasshopper will elimiate much of the boring, boilerplate code that you have to write for every project.
The cloud, of course
The Grasshopper system can be run anywhere and has native cloud support that keeps growing. You can use services like Heroku or host on your own systems.

Managers get

Application managers
A ready to go environment to start working right away. No more technology black holes where you have to wait until the end of the project to do your job.
Early delivery
Faster access to the tools you need. When developers don't have to write code to give you what you want, you will get it faster.
Easy data editing
Intuitive and useful content management screens that can have any definition. Any type of content can be defined, organized and managed without a developer having to write any code.
Piece of mind knowing that you can increase client engagement by giving them something to work on sooner and give them less time to think about changes.


Most open source platforms only focus on developer happiness, we believe that this approach is one sided. We believe that all users of our system should be happy. Grasshopper provides tools for everyone involved in the project, developers, content managers, clients and customers alike.


Grasshopper is an open source project that is available on Github and it has been sponsored by Solid Digital. We fully appreciate the contributions that have been made so far and we are excited for the participation moving forward.

What's Next?

Drink the koolaid? Take it for a test drive!

See how easy it is to get up and running with Grasshopper. Here is a video showing the installation of a new Grasshopper application.